Changes to Specialist Needle Exchange and Sexual Health Service – The Health Shop

From 3 September 2018, The Health Shop on Broad Street will close and all sexual health services will be delivered from The Wellbeing Hub on Hounds Gate

Some of the services provided by The Health Shop at Broad Street will be moving to The Wellbeing Hub on Hounds Gate.

The Wellbeing Hub is located in the City Centre and provides free, confidential support and
advice to people seeking support for mental health, drugs or alcohol use, housing and employment.

A range of different services are accessible at the Wellbeing Hub including Nottingham Recovery Network, Clean Slate, Wellness in Mind, Framework homelessness prevention advice, and Better Working Futures.

The sexual health element of the service will be delivered from The Wellbeing Hub at its Hounds Gate location and on outreach. All of the sexual health services that are currently provided will continue to be delivered, including a full range of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing and treatment, contraception including Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) and condom distribution and testing for hepatitis B & C.

The specialist needle exchange element of the service will close at its current Broad Street location but will continue to be delivered as an outreach service. Pharmacy needle exchange will also continue to be available across the City. Foil will be available on outreach and at Nottingham Recovery Network.

Naloxone will continue to be available from The Wellbeing Hub and as part of outreach; we are currently rolling out a pilot making take home naloxone available from pharmacies.
Blood Borne Virus testing and vaccination will be available from The Wellbeing Hub and at outreach locations.

The Health Shop delivers support and advice around chemsex. Specialist advice and support will still be available at Nottingham Recovery Network.

Commissioners are running a questionnaire throughout August to get views on these changes and to inform arrangements that will be put in place the mitigate the impact of the changes

The online survey is available here:

A printed version of the survey, which can be posted back by FREEPOST can be downloaded here:

Health Shop Questionnaire v4

Copies of letters sent to stakeholders and service users:

Health shop letter 5th July 2018 Health shop service user letter V6


Pharmacy Needle Exchange

Information about locations and opening times of pharmacy needle exchanges can be found here:

Sites contact and opening hours