Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence


To report domestic abuse or sexual violence, call the Police reporting line on 101. Or, if you’d prefer to report anonymously, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or go to

Nottingham Women’s Aid 24 Hour Free Phone Help Line:

Tel: 0808 800 0340

Text Line: 0808 800 0341

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Juno Women’s Aid

Juno Women’s Aid   Formerly WAIS is the key domestic abuse agency operating across Nottingham City and the South of Nottinghamshire. They’re a free, confidential and independent charity working with women and their children who have been affected by domestic abuse.


For over 20 years Equation (formerly Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum) has been working across Nottinghamshire to reduce and prevent domestic abuse.

Equation prevents and responds to abuse through:

EQUIPPING communities with the knowledge and information that allows everyone to make positive relationship choices, recognise abuse and challenge domestic violence

ENABLING survivors of domestic abuse to access help through guidance and support

EMPOWERING individuals with the confidence to speak out against domestic violence and gender inequality, and the self-esteem to recognise their rights to a healthy relationship

Their website features lots more information.

Nottingham Women’s Centre

Nottingham Women's Centre

We work across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire offering a range of formal services to women with mental health needs, women offenders, women who are seeking asylum, facing extreme poverty, escaping abuse or women simply wanting to make a change in their lives.

We aim to help all women to gain the confidence and skills to achieve their potential and become stronger and more independent. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which women can do this, either by taking part in training or activities, getting support and services, or campaigning and becoming active in bringing about change.

Our partner organisations, Juno Women’s Aid and Nottingham Sexual Violence Support Services, are also based in the building, making us a one-stop shop for women who need support and advice.

Phone: 07930 825030 (Mon-Fri | 10am-2pm)


Women’s Aid


The national campaigning organisation for domestic violence representing Women´s Aid groups nationally and working closely with the government to develop best practice on domestic violence and abuse. The website also includes a book list of the most up to date research on domestic violence as well as a help site for survivors.

SafeLives (Formerly Co-Ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse)

This organisation is funded by the Home Office to support areas such as Nottingham in the development of advocacy services designed to support survivors, hold perpetrators to account and reduce repeat domestic violence.


Sexual Violence and Abuse

In Nottingham there are a number of pathways a survivor can choose to report a sexual violence offence. Nottingham has specialist sexual violence support services, all of which can help you. They offer a range of professional, confidential and safe services that can support you through your journey. They will talk to you about who can support you with what you would like to do next. It is always your choice. You can report a sexual offence or access support from any of the following organisations:

Topaz Centre – Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC):   

The Topaz Centre is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) that offers free professional and confidential support and practical help to anyone in Nottinghamshire who has experienced recent sexual violence and/or sexual abuse. The TOPAZ Centre has trained specialist Forensic Nurses Examiners (FME) and Crisis Workers, who will guide you through an assessment of your needs and the options available for you including reporting to the Police.

24hr Helpline Number: 0800 085 9993


Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services (Notts SVS Services) 

Notts SVS Services offer a range of specialist sexual violence support. This includes a variety of counselling options, Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA’S), a specialist sexual violence helpline and a variety of therapeutic support. They can support you when making a report or disclosure to the Police.

Notts SVS Services offers counselling and support to women and men who have suffered rape, childhood sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

Telephone Number: 0115 947 0064


Nottinghamshire Police:

Nottinghamshire Police have Specialist Trained Officers (STO’S) and teams who will support you while reporting an offence and during the criminal justice process. They will also provide advice and guidance on where to access specialist sexual violence support.

Telephone Numbers:

  • Emergency Number: 999
  • Non Emergency Number: 101


IMARA – Support after trauma

Imara is an independent specialist service that supports children, young people and their safe family members following a disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse. We are a charity and all of our services are free to access. We receive referrals directly from the local paediatric sexual assault referral centre (EMCPYSAS – 0800 183 0023).

We are the chosen provider of therapy for all children and young people aged 0-18 affected by sexual abuse across the county of Nottinghamshire, as well as children under 12 in Nottingham City. We specialise in trauma and familial abuse, and we also support our clients from a legal and advocacy perspective with our CHISVA service (Children and Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) which is commissioned by Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner.



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