Drugs and Alcohol

Substance use treatment system updates and news

February 2022

Face to face assessments available at The Wellbeing Hub

If you are struggling with drug/alcohol use and live in Nottingham City, you can attend the Wellbeing Hub between 9.30am-3pm for an assessment and to discuss support options. No appointment needed!


Covid-19 – During the current emergency our services are operating in different ways. Some information is available in our special section HERE   or contact them in advance to see how they can help.

This page will be updated with news about our drug and alcohol treatment services

Help, advice and support information can be accessed and downloaded here

New Harm Reduction leaflet for Covid-19 and festive period December 2020

leaflet for Codiv 19

New Overdose Response and Naloxone leaflet – October 2017

Going Over

Novel Psychoactive Substances Notification Form 2019

**  NB: From January 2019 the PIN has been closed and merged into the Reducing Harm Group and Drugs Monitoring group. Forms are still welcome and very useful so please keep sending them in.**

Little is known nationally or locally about the use of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) (incorrectly referred to as Legal Highs). The DMG is coordinating the collection of data to improve the city’s knowledge and subsequently the response to NPS use. If you have any information, please complete the form and return to the contact on the form.

The information we are looking for includes –

  • Local trends in relation to use.
  • Anonymised information on any health harms that have been experienced by users..
  • Recommendations for good practice in the management of individuals using NPS.

 Where does the information go?

 The information you share will be used to inform local practice and policy


If somebody is unwell due to the use of NPS or any other substance, dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Please use this form to share anonymised information and not personal or sensitive information.

NPS DMG Notification-Form-version-3 2019

Hepatitis B, C & HIV infection leaflet updated July 2017

Hep HIV Leaflet – Updated June 17

Nottingham Recovery Network @ The Wellbeing Hub from August 2017

From 1st July 2016 all new adult drug and alcohol referrals should be directed to Nottingham Recovery Network (NRN)

NRN will deliver a complete and confidential access, advice, support, treatment and recovery service in the heart of Nottingham.

You can simply ring or drop in for advice and an assessment of your needs:

Drop into:

Nottingham Wellbeing Hub, 73 Hounds

Gate, Nottingham NG1 6BB

Phone 0800 066 5362 or 0115 970 9590

For more information or to contact them online, please go to:


NRN A5 Service leaflet V2

CGL Jigsaw

– Who wants to speak to someone about what’s going on in your life?
– Wants to make sure they know enough about drugs and alcohol
– In need of support for yourself because of a someone else’s
substance use?

– Who is worried about someone else’s substance use?
– Who would benefit from support from other people in a similar situation?


We are a specialist support service for young people affected by
drugs or alcohol. We offer provision focused on both preventing
substance misuse as well as providing structured treatment to
support those using more problematically.
Our team of qualified staff also provide information, advice and
consultancy for professionals, families and carers who are
concerned about a young person’s substance use.
Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and
confidence to identify and appropriately respond to risk
associated to a young person’s substance use.
Our services are free, friendly and confidential. We offer person centered
support that is non-judgmental and suited to meet the
individual needs of all service users.
We welcome all young people no matter what their background,
religion, disability, sexual orientation, culture or gender.


We offer tailored services for young people, families/carers
and professionals, ranging from one-off to longer term
support. To ensure support for young people is coordinated
to meet their range of needs, we provide services in
partnership with health, education and youth justice
– Assessment and care-planning for young people
– 1:1 support and interventions
– Support around related areas such as housing,
education/training, employment and finances
– Groupwork programmes
– Harm reduction advice and information
– 1:1 support for children impacted by parental substance
use. including support for parents and carers
– Community outreach
– Information, advocacy and support for families, carers
and professionals
– Telephone and digital support via social media
If this doesn’t include what you are looking for, please
contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help


We are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns
you may have about someone you care for or are working with,
and their suitability for a referral to the service. You can self refer
or ask a professional to, they can also use our screening tool
which may help you decide whether a referral is the best option.
Please visit www.changegrowlive.org for more information.
We do need the young person’s consent in order to accept a
referral so please do discuss this with them in advance and get
their agreement.
Referrals can be made by:
Phone: 0115 9484 314
Email: jigsaw@cgl.org.uk
Once we receive your referral, it will be allocated to a worker
who will make arrangements for an initial meeting with the
young person.

JIGSAW website


Chemsex – Information sheet and where to get help and advice 

Chemsex trifold Chemsex contact list

Pharmacy Needle Exchange

Information about locations and opening times of pharmacy needle exchanges can be found here:

Trifold for NX locations