New service user involvement group, “ABBA” starts April 2018

The old service user forums in the city are no longer running in the way they used to.

We have set up a new monthly meeting. It will cover all the issues that were in the old groups. Drugs and alcohol, dual diagnosis, mental health etc. but will take a wider look at the range of complex issues that we know affect people. Criminal justice, housing and homelessness, welfare and benefit reforms, exploitation, abuse and whatever else comes up. Everything that comes under the broad heading of complex needs.

With such a wide agenda, we will be trying a new approach. The meeting will be open to anyone who has an interest in this area. Current and ex-service users, in treatment or not in treatment, other organisations, staff, members of the public, family and carers. It might be a meeting about one issue or split into several meetings about different issues, run by different people. How it runs and what it does will very much be led by the people who turn up.   The meeting is run jointly with Opportunity Nottingham Beneficiary Ambassadors and Services for Empowerment and Advocacy (SEA)

We are also working with Expert Link nationally to have a bigger voice in national issues. They are also providing us with a lot of opportunities for development and free training. Come along and find out what we are doing.

There will be refreshments but unfortunately no payment of travel expenses.

Future meeting dates:

Meetings are currently running virtually on Zoom but we hope to have in person meetings back soon. 

Abba terms of Reference:

Terms of reference ABBA Draft v.3 2019 update

ABBA meeting minutes and reports: Here

The old forum structure

Our two main consultation forums are the Nottingham City Drug and Ex-Drug User Forum, which started in 2004 and the Dual Diagnosis Forum, which started in 2007. Both offer an opportunity for current and former drug users, whether they are in treatment or not to have their say in the strategic decision making processes of the commissioning bodies locally. Their aim is to improve local service provision and to be a two way channel for information. Since 2012 an independent user led forum has been set up for patients in Shared Care, called SCUF. In April 2013 SCUF stopped being responsible for shared care. It has changed its remit and is carrying on its work around campaigning, anti stigma and harm reduction. It is now called Substance Campaigns, User Friendly. Since 2014 the CDP have also run an Alcohol Panel. This is a closed forum of invited former and current service users who act as an advisory group to the partnership.

Click the links below to see the latest meeting dates.

Dates of DDF meetings 2017-18 SCUF Dates 2017 Drug Forum dates 2017-18

For information on involvement please contact Glen Jarvis at the CDP.      Tel: 07947 309 104