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Pain Management/ Be Safe Campaign

Nottingham City Crime and Drugs Partnership hosts a Harm Reduction Group. The purpose of the group is to utilise the expertise of members to help promote harm reduction amongst all City drug and alcohol treatment services, partner agencies and clients that are affected by substance misuse. The group recently identified the need to highlight the risks posed by over the counter medications in relation to addiction and overdose, which is becoming an increasing problem in the UK. It was decided that a poster campaign was the most accessible and affordable way of achieving this. This is particularly timely as the Christmas period is one in which the risk of overdose dramatically rises for those who are using drugs and alcohol.
Attached are two posters that have been produced as a result of the campaign. They highlight the dangers of mixing prescribed medication with alcohol and over the counter pain killers and also the fact that just because medicines can be purchased over the counter, it does not mean that they are risk free. Also attached is a useful leaflet on pain management that might be of interest. The principal message is that if you are in any doubt you should ask your GP or your pharmacist.