Service User and Carer Involvement

New Service User Involvement structure April 2018+

Due to funding cuts the following meetings have now closed:

Nottingham Drug and Ex-Drug Users Forum

Dual Diagnosis Forum

The Alcohol Panel


New service user involvement group   “ABBA”

We have set up a new monthly meeting. It will cover all the issues that were in the old groups. Drugs and alcohol, dual diagnosis, mental health etc. but will take a wider look at the range of complex issues that we know affect people. Criminal justice, housing and homelessness, welfare and benefit reforms, exploitation, abuse and whatever else comes up. Everything that comes under the broad heading of complex needs.

With such a wide agenda, we will be trying a new approach. The meeting will be open to anyone who has an interest in this area. Current and ex-service users, in treatment or not in treatment, other organisations, staff, members of the public, family and carers. It might be a meeting about one issue or split into several meetings about different issues, run by different people. How it runs and what it does will very much be led by the people who turn up.

There will be refreshments but unfortunately no payment of travel expenses.

Future meeting dates:

Friday 20th December (Xmas fuddle and relaxed meeting)

1-3pm in the Committee Room at Loxley House

Friday 24th January 2020

1-3pm in the Committee Room at Loxley House

Friday 21st February 2020

1-3pm in the Committee Room at Loxley House

Friday 27th March 2020 – Postponed

1-3pm in the Committee Room at Loxley House

Meetings are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak

Loxley House is the big glass building next to the train station. The tram stops at the station.

See the Forums information page here:


2018 Restructure

Due to budget cuts from April 2018 there will no longer be a dedicated budget for service user involvement.

With this in mind we have embarked on a restructure of the whole function, in collaboration with our forum members and key partners. The following document outlines the plans and process and is a live document, which will reflect those changing plans as they develop.

Service user involvement restructure 2018v.3

If you wish to comment or contribute please contact




The Nottingham Drug Treatment System Charter promotes a set of common shared goals, principles and values that underpin/guide all drug treatment, commissioning, developments and delivery in Nottingham City. In relation to involvement it states in point 5:

Service user and carer involvement will be embedded within drug treatment and support. We will ensure that service users are listened to, involved and consulted in decisions about their treatment. We will ensure that service users and carers are involved in the planning, development and delivery of services. We will ensure service users are involved in decisions regarding their own treatment journey.

During 2005 / 06 the partnership appointed a Service User and Carer Involvement Officer to further progress user and carer involvement in treatment and support services across the City of Nottingham, and in the planning, evaluation and development of future provision. The Crime and Drugs Partnership is committed to the involvement of all those affected by drugs and alcohol misuse.

The terms ‘service user’ and ‘carer’ can often be misleading. Whilst both are commonly used generic terms they can easily be misrepresented and cause confusion. ‘Service user’ implies that involvement is about those already engaged with services, whilst ‘carer’ is a term that often conjures up an image of somebody looking after a sick relative. For the CDP and its work we are referring to problematic drug and alcohol users, who are engaged in treatment, but especially those who are not, and the people around them who are affected by that problematic use. This includes relatives, partners, friends or significant others, including children of users, who require more specific and specialist support. For our family support services it has always been about working with ALL people affected by somebody else´s using, whether or not they are ready to seek help.

Since 2007 our involvement work has expanded to include those affected by mental health issues as well as substance use. This is a large, and growing area of work and we run a successful forum which meets regularly to combine a social element as well as looking at strategic local and national issues.

Full details are in the Forums section

Service User and Carer Involvement policy Document 2015
Service User & Carer Involvement Policy 2015

Drug and Alcohol Treatment System Charter
Nottingham Treatment System Charter 2015 update FINAL

The 2015 statement on consultation and involvement can be seen here

Involvement and consultation statement

Recovering alcohol and drug users leading service planning

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a new guide showing the benefits of involving recovering alcohol and drug users in the design and development of their own, and others treatment and recovery.

PHE’s Service User Involvement guide describes 4 different levels of service user involvement, from co-developing one’s own care plan through to initiating and running recovery-focused enterprises. The guide showcases a number of examples of unique services from across the country that have been set-up by, or run by, former alcohol and drug users.

Through tailored and flexible approaches that aim to provide skills and training, these services promote and maintain long-term recovery often acting as a crucial step into employment. Their involvement in services at all levels increases confidence in, and suitability of the services, while seeing the successful stories of others in recovery motivates those still working to achieve recovery.