Marac Toolkit

The MARAC is the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference. It’s a multi-agency conference to assess risk of domestic violence to survivors.

This page contains the referral guidance, along with the referral document itself. The form must be completed to refer into MARAC, and please read guidance before making a referral.

Also complete referral form relevant to your area to send with the form. Send completed forms along with Risk Assessment to the email addresses specified on the forms.

Download – New DASH-RIC updated forms – July 2018

Since the previous update in the May the following amendments have been made to the Classification Grid (page 12):

• Referral emails for the MASH and the DART have been updated due to the national changes and the deletion of GCSX secure email accounts. The new email addresses for the MASH and DART are secure and compliant with the governments secure email standards.
• Equation’s male survivor service details for City residents who are either medium or standard risk from domestic abuse.

Revised DASH RIC document that is now compliant with GDPR regulations. The Information and consent section is a privacy notice informing the survivor that the person completing the DASH RIC form with them, will explain their agencies processes and policies for the following:
• data collection,
• personal information,
• its use and security and storage.
• As well as other information such as opting in or out options and rights to access information.

The revised DASH RIC is for use immediately, please delete/destroy all copies of older versions

If you have problems with the embedded documents they are available here to download separately:

1. LGBT Professional Judgement Risk Indicator and LGBT Risk Identification Tool – glossary

LGBT risk identification tool_May 2018 (002) LGBT Risk Identification tool – glossary

2. Stalking Risk Indicator Checklist

risk-identification-checklist-for-stalking-and-harassment (002)

The LGBT Risk identification tool has been updated with the question of significant age gap between partners. An LGBT Glossary has also been added.

Guidance to questions on the DASH_Oct 2017 Good Practice Guidance Managing Risks Associated with Multiple Perpetration of Abuse v4_02 09 2016_Final DV DASH Risk Assessment and Referral form _11th July 2018 DV DASH Risk Assessment and Referral form _11th July 2018 DASH RICs_MARAC_REFERRAL ROUTE refreshed 19th December 2017 DASH RIC Referral process for Agencies_flowchart_City and County_Dec 2017 Briefing note on the Use of Professional Judgement_Oct 2017 Briefing note on Quality Assurance_Oct 2017