Smart Water

Smart Water

What is it?

SmartWater is a unique forensic liquid that is painted onto valuable items similar to traditional property marking.  The unique code is then registered to the address where it has been used and makes items easily identifiable should they be stolen.  The aims of SmartWater are:

  • Protect infrastructure and assets
  • Deter internal and external criminal activity
  • Reduce the threat to service delivery
  • Suppress downtime caused by thefts or interference
  • Prevent fines incurred by loss of service
  • Achieve sustained reductions in crime
  • Provide valuable prosecution evidence to the police

SmartWater domestic packs include:

  • Home coding solution
  • Window deterrent stickers
  • Property stickers
  • Application guidelines
  • Registration form

Where do I get SmartWater from?

SmartWater is available by contacting your local Neighbourhood Policing Team. Contact details can be found on the police website for your local team or by calling 101